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Aronfeld Trial Lawyers Represents Individuals and Families Seeking Damages for Personal and Cruise Ship Injuries.

Coral Gables, FL – For victims of cruise ship injuries, adhering to specific legal procedures is crucial. Maritime cases must be formally submitted in writing within a 180-day window following the incident, and lawsuits necessitate filing in a federal court located in Miami, Florida, irrespective of where the cruise ship accident occurred within the United States. Aronfeld Trial Lawyers stands as a prominent firm, comprised of nationally recognized legal advocates, dedicated to representing individuals and families in pursuit of both economic and non-economic damages.

Attorney Spencer Aronfeld, the firm’s founder, has dedicated his life to advocating for individuals against corporations, cruise lines, hospitals, and insurance companies. As a board-certified civil trial lawyer by the Florida Bar and National Board of Trial Advocacy, Mr. Aronfeld has demonstrated ability, experience, and outstanding ethics/character.

Cruise lines, whether Royal Caribbean, Carnival, or MSC, are responsible for injuries passengers sustain on and off the ship. They also have a non-delegable responsibility to ensure passengers are safe while in transit between the ship and shore on ferries, yachts, tender boats, or other vessels. Unfortunately, passenger accidents occur, necessitating medical care, incident reports, and legal representation to protect rights and pursue damages.

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers understands state, federal, and international regulations to explain the fine print of a passenger ticket contract and file a lawsuit against the cruise line. They have investigated circumstances surrounding cruise ship and passenger accidents for decades by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and demystifying the intricate legal frameworks to build a strong case for a slip/fall, collisions/groundings, and medical malpractice.

While thousands of families eagerly anticipate cruise ship vacations, placing trust in the safety of onboard kids’ clubs for their children’s enjoyment and security, there can be unforeseen risks. Cruise lines take reasonable measures to prevent harm, yet some counselors, directors, and staff in charge of these Kids’ Clubs may lack experience or proper training.

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers have handled numerous cases involving children sustaining injuries during arts/crafts, games, educational activities, scavenger hunts, movie nights, cooking classes, or sports. The firm’s attorneys advise parents to avoid signing forms before consulting with them, seek medical attention for their child, and document the injuries/treatment.

Similarly, passengers involved in an overboard accident due to overcrowding, slippery/wet decks, poorly maintained infrastructure, crew negligence, or lack of proper safety equipment/barriers can contact the law firm to initiate the legal process for a potential lawsuit, negotiate with the cruise line’s insurance company, or prevent further incidents from occurring.

Since the firm’s inception in 1991, Spencer Aronfeld, Esq., and his dedicated team have devotedly pursued justice on behalf of the injured and those overlooked. They litigate maritime personal injury, auto accidents, wrongful death, product liability, workplace injuries, malpractice, premises liability, and more.

Although the firm may not be a massive legal enterprise with thousands of attorneys, it makes cases more human to give clients the personal attention they deserve, freeing them to focus on recovery. To schedule a consultation, call (305) 441-0440. Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is at 1 Alhambra Plaza Penthouse, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134, US. Check out their website to read reviews about Aronfeld Trial Lawyers.

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