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Far East Battery High-Capacity Cells Pave the Way for Smart Homes and Light Mobility

With the explosive growth of downstream applications such as new energy vehicles and energy storage, the global lithium battery industry has encountered unprecedented development opportunities. In this industrial wave, China, as the largest lithium battery demand and supply market globally, continues to lead industry innovation and transformation.

As an industry participant, Far East has actively engaged in this technological and intelligent revolution, consistently delivering high-quality products to customers, emphasizing research and development, and continually innovating to enhance product core competitiveness. Far East Battery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd, has evolved from initially producing 18650 lithium batteries to becoming a vertically integrated manufacturer with core production capabilities in lithium batteries, modules, and system integration, thereby aiding the global lithium battery industry’s development.

In recent years, Far East Battery has significantly increased its R&D investment, achieving major breakthroughs in cell capacity. It has improved the energy density, charging and discharging performance, and energy efficiency of its cells, successfully increasing the capacity of the 18650 series cells to 4000mAh and the 21700 series cells to 6000mAh. This not only means that the batteries can store more energy, but also that they can provide longer endurance and stronger energy output with the same weight or volume.

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The high-capacity cells, 18650-4000mAh and 21700-6000mAh, not only feature high energy density, safety, and consistency but also exhibit good performance in terms of cycle life and temperature range. The energy density of the 18650-4000mAh product has reached up to 300Wh/kg, providing robust support for the lightweight design of battery packs, reducing replacements and maintenance, and significantly lowering the operational costs for customers, making robots more compact and flexible. Moreover, these products have a wide charging and discharging temperature range, stable discharging from -20°C to 60°C, effectively addressing the challenges of reduced battery life and malfunction in low-temperature environments.


With these product features, Far East Battery’ high-capacity cylindrical cell series offers broader possibilities for applications in smart homes, light mobility, and small-scale energy storage systems. Whether for daily travel or home life, Far East Battery provides enduring and stable power support, ensuring safe and worry-free usage every time.

In the light mobility sector, Far East Battery has become a partner of well-known electric vehicle brands like Niu, where its high-capacity cells contribute to group lightweighting, significantly enhancing the driving range of electric vehicles. Additionally, the wide temperature range ensures stable and efficient operation in various environments and has garnered positive reviews in the overseas light mobility market for bulk supplies.

Furthermore, in the fields of smart homes and mobile energy storage, Far East Battery’ high-capacity cylindrical cell products have shown good application potential, providing powerful power support for smart home products and mobile energy storage products. In the personal care sector, Far East Battery’ stable and reliable power supply energizes personal care appliances with lasting power.

As battery capacities increase, so do the demands for safety performance. Far East Battery is deeply aware of the importance of safety and continues to invest resources to ensure product quality and safety, establishing high-end testing equipment and material research labs to strictly monitor and control the quality throughout the production process. Particularly in manufacturing, Far East Battery has introduced foreign automated production lines, implemented strict environmental control standards, and ensured product quality through advanced quality management systems and smart manufacturing technologies. This commitment to high quality has established Far East Battery’ good reputation in the industry.


Having deeply engaged in the industry for over a decade, Far East Battery has established two major manufacturing bases in Yichun, Jiangxi, and Yixing, Jiangsu. The Jiangxi Yichun base focuses on the manufacture of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, while the Jiangsu Yixing production base is dedicated to the research and development and manufacture of prismatic cells. In terms of global layout, it covers key domestic areas and expands into overseas markets, forming a global operation network that includes the Far East Greater Bay Area headquarters in Shenzhen, the Shanghai customer service center, overseas warehouses & service centers (Netherlands, Germany, Italy), and domestic and international marketing centers (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Netherlands, Germany, Italy).

Recently, the activation of Far East Battery Jiangsu Research Building, Far East Greater Bay Area Headquarters, and Frankfurt Marketing Center further highlights Far East’s commitment to deepening its international strategic layout. Looking ahead, Far East Battery will continue to drive the development of smart living applications and smart technology applications with innovation as the engine and products as the foundation, contributing Far East’s strength to the energy sector.

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