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Mama Gigi Debuts a Heartfelt Children’s Book on Pet Safety: “Scout Says Thank You… But, NO NO NO”

Aspiring author Mama Gigi is proud to announce the forthcoming release of her debut children’s book, “Scout Says Thank You… But, NO NO NO,” on all major online platforms, including Amazon.

Inspired by a true event, this captivating story follows Scout, an adventurous dog, on a journey that imparts a vital lesson: pet safety. Through Scout’s escapade, young readers learn the importance of understanding and avoiding foods that can be harmful to their furry companions. 

The narrative underlines the significance of pet food safety, the enduring bond between pets and their owners, and the crucial ability to say “NO” for the sake of protection—all conveyed through memorable content and engaging visuals aimed at young readers.

Written for children and pet enthusiasts alike, this book is a reminder of the responsibility that comes with pet ownership, approached through a narrative that is as educational as it is heartfelt. “Scout Says Thank You… But, NO NO NO” is soon to grace bookshelves and digital platforms alike, becoming an invaluable addition to any young reader’s collection and a critical guide for pet owners everywhere.

For further inquiries, press materials, or to schedule an interview with Mama Gigi, please contact or 1-778-934-4646.

About Author 

Mama Gigi, born in Alberta, Canada, and currently residing on the beautiful Vancouver Island, has always been deeply connected to the arts and the well-being of animals. This passion, combined with her experience in forever homing dogs and her love for art and storytelling, culminated in the creation of “Scout Says Thank You… But, NO NO NO”. The book is inspired by a real-life incident during her first visit to Nova Scotia in the summer of 2022 – an anecdote she hopes will resonate with readers, enhancing awareness around pet safety through an enjoyable and meaningful story.


Mama Gigi


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