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“Introducing ‘If I Die’: The Ultimate App for Secure Legacy Planning”

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London, United Kingdom May 25, 2024 ( – By: If I die

If I Die — Times are changing! We all know our birthdays, but do you know your death day? Are you prepared? Will your mother, father, wife, children, girlfriend, or best mate deserve closure from you after you leave them?

Introducing the app “If I Die,” now available on the Apple Store. This app is for the everyday John Doe who doesn’t have a lawyer to go to for his/her testimony. Instead, users can use this app from the comfort of their phone to leave messages for their loved ones after they pass away suddenly. The app ensures your emails, along with personalized video or picture attachments, get to your confidants after you die. Sounds great, right?

Let me explain how this will work. We believe this will be the new Facebook, where you connect with your loved ones after you’ve left them behind when the inevitable day hits you and takes you out of this world. You will log in to the app by creating personalized credentials. It will allow you to add your confidants/recipients and save multiple emails with attachments that you intend to be sent, then assign your recipient. All data is saved on a cloud server solution.

How will the app know if you have died or when to send out these last words of yours? Once you save your messages, you will set a personal verification timer ranging from 7 days to 6 months. Let’s say you set it to 30 days. Now the app will require you to verify your well-being after every 30-day cycle. You will need to verify yourself so that the app knows you are still alive, just by clicking a tab using your secret key set in the app!

If the user has a broken phone, they can also verify themselves using a web solution by logging in with their credentials. When the user passes away, and the verification timer arrives without verification, a predetermined grace period kicks in. Lastly, the emails will be sent out to the recipients as your last words in a professional template, with your message and links to your attachments.

This is a great opportunity to connect with your loved ones if you suddenly leave this world. It may help your family or friends get closure and relief hearing from you one last time. You can always leave good advice for someone who really needs it from you. A legacy will rest assured on our cloud server, only to be released when you do not verify yourself in the app. Your phone doesn’t have to be connected to the internet or turned on if you suddenly leave this world, as your verification interval clock will be ticking, and your messages will be sent out, giving you peace of mind.

The app will notify and remind you three times before your verification time arrives so that you don’t forget to verify yourself, letting the app know you are doing great! You can also verify anytime, thus resetting the timer too.

This app only costs a one-time payment of $10, which is a great investment in your legacy and will help us survive in this complicated digital world, providing a simple yet unique and valuable service. It is not the end of the value your $10 investment will generate. We have committed to setting aside 33% of your $10 to provide humanitarian aid. Think about all the good your $10 purchase can achieve!



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