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Kariba REDD+ Project withdrawal from VCS GHG Program

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Lake Kariba – Zimbabwe – May 30, 2024 – (ThriveNewsWire) – Carbon Green Investments (CGI) has announced its decision to withdraw the Kariba REDD+ Project and Chirisa REDD+ Project from the VCS GHG Program due to challenges such as communication delays and inadequate engagement, transitioning them to a suitable GHG program provider. This move, driven by issues including delayed responses and operational inefficiencies, aims to maintain the integrity and credibility of the Projects, with CGI expressing optimism for their future with the chosen GHG registry.

Carbon Green Investments (CGI), a leading firm in the environmental sustainability sector, has formally announced the withdrawal of the Kariba REDD+ Project and Chirisa REDD+ Project from the VCS GHG program registry. This strategic decision, effective immediately, comes after extensive deliberations and a detailed review of the Projects' engagement and communications with VERRA over the past seven months.

The decision to transition these projects to an alternate GHG program was driven by a series of challenges that hindered their effective management and operations. Significant issues included prolonged communication delays and inadequate engagement from VERRA, which have impacted the projects' implementation and CGI's business operations.

CGI has cited several specific issues these not limited to the lead-up of withdrawal:

Engagement and Cooperation: CGI has faced considerable challenges in obtaining timely and constructive responses from VERRA, resulting in extended periods of uncertainty that have affected the project's beneficiaries, staff, and business operations.

Communication Delays: VERRAs persistent delays in addressing inquiries and providing necessary access to accounts have significantly hindered CGIs business and project management capabilities.

Account Access and Transparency: Denial in accessing and managing the treasury/registry account, coupled with unexplained modifications detected within the account, have raised serious concerns about transparency and operational integrity.

Project Impact: These administrative challenges have led to further reputational damage and financial losses for all beneficiaries, further compelling CGI to seek a more supportive and responsive registry partnership.

Both projects are now in the process of finalizing their registration applications with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) program and are scheduled for imminent revalidation and verification. CGI is committed to adhering to the highest standards of transparency and accountability, ensuring the integrity of the projects and the credibility of the issued credits.

CGI, along with the appointed Validation & Verification Body, will continue to engage with VERRA as necessary throughout the revalidation process. CGI expects full cooperation from Verra to facilitate a smooth transition and efficient handling of the credit transfer process, safeguarding the interests of all beneficiaries.

CGI, withdrawing from the VCS GHG program after twelve years of collaboration, remains optimistic about their future under the new program. We are committed to fulfilling our environmental goals and ensuring the continued success and integrity of our projects.

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About Carbon Green Investments (CGI)

Carbon Green Investments (CGI) is a leader in the development and management of environmental sustainability projects, focusing on innovative solutions for carbon reduction and ecological conservation. Established with a mission to combat climate change through effective carbon management, CGI specializes in Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) projects and other sustainable initiatives that contribute to global environmental integrity. CGI is committed to transparency, accountability, and excellence in all aspects of its operations, partnering with various stakeholders to ensure the success and credibility of its projects. Through its strategic approaches and dedicated team, CGI strives to create significant environmental impact and sustainable value for communities and ecosystems around the world, ensuring all areas of the landscape receive their fair share.

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